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Good price flake blade recycling waste plastic crusher


Feature for  PET Plastic Type and Waste Plastic Crusher

Strong crusher series It is widely used for crushing and recycling plastic products of various materials and shapes. The processing technology is mature, and the important parts such as the box and the tool holder are processed integrally to ensure the matching precision. The design structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the power is durable, and the economy is efficient. A number of safety devices are available to ensure safe operation. The double hopper design of the feeding hopper reduces noise. The series of machines have stable operation, low noise, no dust pollution, uniform granulation, good smashing effect, no overheating during operation, long service life, etc.

1.Suitable for recycle and restore all kinds of plastic, particularly for various hard plastic, e.g. Blow molded products and shoes plastic.
2.Claw series are easy to operate and simple to replace cutter blades;
3.well designed cutter base, cutter blade are able to disperse bearing& increase the power effectively of each cutter,
4. suitable for thick materials, blow molded and so on,
5.fully installed with electrical safely devices, double wall hopper designed
6.installed with soundproof material, safety and environment protection
7.low electricity consumption and durable.

Waste Plastic Crusher Recycling  Granulator

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