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Common faults and solutions for plastic pipe production lines

There are many kinds of plastic pipes, which are widely used. In the process of producing plastic pipe production lines, manufacturers will inevitably encounter various failures. Below, the manufacturer will introduce you to several common faults and solutions.

Fault 1: The outer surface of the plastic pipe is rough.

When this problem occurs, the plastic pipe manufacturer can adjust the production process temperature; reduce the cooling water temperature; check whether there is insufficient water pressure or blockage in the waterway; check whether the heating coil of the barrel, the machine head and other parts of the plastic pipe production line are in good condition; The sizing sleeve enters the water flow rate; determines that the raw materials meet the production requirements; checks the mold core temperature and adjusts; cleans the mold.
Plastic Pipe ExtrusionPipe Extrusion Line
Fault 2: Groove marks appear on the outer surface of the plastic pipe.

Adjust the outlet pressure of the sizing sleeve, ensure the balance of the water output in the production; adjust the nozzle angle in the vacuum shaping box in the plastic pipe production line to ensure the uniform cooling of the pipe; check the hardware equipment such as the die, the cutting machine and the sizing sleeve to ensure these equipments There are no burrs and other debris.

plastic pipe extrusion line

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