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animal feed pelllet machine


The fish rabbit pellet feed machine is designed for household and individual households. It is designed for lighting and electric dry feed dry feed processing machinery. It adopts high-quality alloy steel processing roller mold, which has good wear resistance and long service life. It uses whole grass powder or grass. Grain combination processing pellet feed, moderate grain, in line with rabbit chewing, molar function. The machine uses the high temperature of the roller die to gelatinize the powder, the protein is degenerated, the particles are well formed, and the internal curing degree is sufficient. The digestion and absorption rate of the livestock can be improved, and the poultry picker can be avoided, so that the keeper can obtain maximum benefit. Pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, fish and other feeds can also be processed. Specifications: Model 120, motor 2.2kw 1400 rpm (220V), template diameter 120mm, spindle speed 366 rev/min, particle film hole diameter 2.5, 3, 4, 6mm, can choose different diameter template according to different feed requirements When the output is 80-120 kg. Price 120A type (V-belt drive) 860 yuan, including the motor 1280 yuan, 120C type (link rod gearbox drive) 2180 yuan, including motor 2600 yuan. Straw biochemical feed technology and feed formulation are provided free of charge. Remittances are purchased and paid for by the large logistics company the next day.

animal feed pellet mill for poultrySmall-Animal-Feed-Pellet-Machine

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